Single Novels
ANGEL OF FIRE; Avon Books, Apr 1992
SAGEBRUSH BRIDE; Avon Books, Jun 1993
VIKING’S PRIZE; Avon Books, Apr 1994
A CHRISTMAS TOGETHER; Avon Books, Oct 1994
ONCE UPON A KISS; Avon Books, Feb 1, 1995
KISSED; Avon Books, Dec 1, 1995
THE MACKINNON’S BRIDE; Avon Books, Jun 1, 1996
MARRIED AT MIDNIGHT; Avon Books, Sep 1996
LYON’S GIFT; Avon Books, Jun 1, 1997
PERFECT IN MY SIGHT; Avon Books, May 1, 1998
ON BENDED KNEE; Avon Books, Jan 1, 1999
HAPPILY EVER AFTER;Avon Books, Nov 9, 1999
LION HEART; Avon Books, 2000
THE IMPOSTOR’S KISS; Harlequin Books, Dec 2003
THE IMPOSTOR PRINCE; Harlequin Books Sep 2006
SPEAK NO EVIL; Kensington Books Mar 2013
TELL NO LIES; Kensington Books Mar 2014
HIGHLAND FIRE; Oliver-Heber Books Jan 2014
HIGHLAND STEEL; Oliver-Heber Books Oct 2014
HIGHLAND STORM; Oliver-Heber Books Dec 2015
THE WINTER STONE; Oliver-Heber Books April 2014
THE GIRL WHO STAYED; The Story Plant April 2016
THE SUMMER STAR; Oliver-Heber Books June 2017
REDEMPTION SONG; The Story Plant January 2018
EVERYDAY LIES; The Story Plant August 2018
LADY’S MAN; Oliver-Heber Books, April 2012
HIGHLAND SONG; Oliver-Heber Books, 2013
ONCE UPON A HIGHLAND LEGEND;Oliver-Heber Books, d 2014
MISCHIEF & MISTLETOE; Oliver-Heber Books, 2013
MACKINNONS’ HOPE; Oliver-Heber Books, Oct 2015
MAID OF THE MIST; Oliver-Heber Books July 2017

Anthologies in collaboration
“Heaven’s Gate” in A Christmas Together (with Jane Bonander, Jennifer Horsman and Joan Johnston), Avon Books, 1994/Oct
“A kiss After Midnight” in Married at Midnight (with Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, Jo Beverley, and Samantha James) Avon Books, 1996/Sep